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Valmara 69
Antipersonnel Mine

The Valamara 69 is an Italian bounding fragmentation mine which is the successor to the Valmara 59. The main difference is the outer body material which is plastic as opposed to the sheet steel outer body found on the Valmara 59. The minor changes to the Valmara 69 have been for cost saving purposes not for performance enhancement. The mine functions the same, through direct pressure of by tension to an attached tripwire. When the fuze is functioned, the propelling charge is initiated, launching the inner case into the air. The main charge is then detonated at a predetermined height by the anchoring lanyard. The lethal radius of the mine is 20 meters, resulting from the 1200 pre-formed 5X5X5 mm steel fragments. The Valmara 69 is also produced in Singapore and a similar version is produced by South Africa as the No. 69 Mk1. The proper actuation force on the fuze frees a spring loaded striker with ball release to impinge on a percussion cap, igniting the propelling charge. The inner mine case is launched upward; at the end of its tether cable the striker is snapped against a percussion cap initiating the main explosive charge.

Manufacturing Country
Italy, South Africa, Singapore

General Information
205 mm in Height
130 mm in Diameter
3.3 kg total weight
Plastic case
OD Green, sand, or other custom color
Explosive type - 2,4,6 TNT/RDX
Main explosive weight - 0.576 kg